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Category: Alpacas
October 2011 Featured Site
It's the long coat that makes the difference

An introduction to a unique type of suri alpaca.


Category: Genealogy
October 2011 Featured Site
Who is the primogenitor of the Merrill family?

To view the Merrill genealogy, you must know about the first people with leading up to the current surname.


Category: Go Green
October 2011 Featured Site
There are many sources of energy we are harnessing today

As a Smartphone directory, EnergySources.tel has been recognized by TelNic as a good example to follow.


Category: Homeschool
October 2011 Featured Site
Categorize the insect you found

Already a hit and it has just been created. Find out what kind of insect you are looking at with this site.


Category: Mobile
October 2011 Featured Site
The dotMobi domains are coming into their own

Jane Austen wrote six novels of which you may listen to at your convenience on your Smartphone.


Category: Current Work
October 2011 Featured Site
Arizona has brought to a head the problem with illegal citizens

There are reasons for being a citizen of the United States and almost as many reasons for being legal if you visit.


Category: Portfolio
October 2011 Featured Site
Making its debute for the Apple iPad is this ibook site

The iPad is a fabulous device for many reasons one of which is the convenient means of reading ibooks. This site provides access to many of your favorite books for free or a fee.


Merrill.co - adopting a new name

26 September 2011 - I missed grabbing the name when it was first offered but it just dropped recently and I was there to catch it before it hit the domain ground. That makes five Merrills that I've been able to put to use. You are visiting the site for the time being until I can get another great use for it. If you are currently on Merrill.org, visit the site Merrill.co.

The Duck River Project is going strong

8 July 2011 - After many years of waiting for a federal judgment, the lake project is back in action. A new name with a new tld has been chosen to celebrate the new beginning. Click to visit the site DuckRiver.co.

Genealogical.biz 9th most popular genealogy website - Top20Sites.com

1 July 2011 - This website has suddenly become one of the top ten most popular genealogical websites according to Top20Sites.com

Trailer Voiceover for "The Sower's Grace"

27 August 2010 - The movie "The Sower's Grace" is up for awards this evening at The Phoenix International Christian Film Festival and the voice-over was performed by myself. Congratulations Rejoice Studios! ("The Sower's Grace" trailer)

Hear Ye, Hear Ye, Jane Austen's novels can be listened to on your Smartphone

4 May 2010 - Jane Austen is more popular than ever thanks to a number of movies; The Jane Austen Book Club, Becoming Jane, Sense and Sensibility and Emma. Listen chapter by chapter to all of her novels on your Smartphone/computer or read along as you listen. (JaneAusten.mobi)

Internet domain names celebrate 25 years!

15 March 2010 - The Internet is celebrating its 25th anniversary of using domain names today The first domain name was Symbolics.com. (news.google.com)

i-Books.mobi has just been created to provide free ebooks for your Smartphone

2 February 2010 - Watch it grow! Just in time for the new eBook readers, i-Books.mobi is setting up for accessing some of your favorite books online with your Smartphone for free. What a novel idea! (i-Books.mobi)

.mobi vs .tel Top Level Domains

2 January 2010 - Alright. Here is another comparison but this time it is between the two tlds representing access through a smartphone. So which one is the more valuable given a choice? (DomainNameGrader.com)

Duck River project or Smith Lake for additional water supply?

11 December 2009 - The articles are coming in almost every day. It's a disagreement between the city of Cullman and the county as to where to obtain future water. This is becoming a more heated issue throughout the world. (Merrill.org/duckriver/)

EnergySources.tel spotlighted in telnic .telegraph Green article

1 December 2009 - .tel is Green: Telnic's latest monthly newsletter spotlights EnergySources.tel in reducing carbon footprint as an "ecology-related directory".(telnic.org)

Follow the Merrill Family Tree on Your Smartphone

15 October 2009 - Use your smartphone to trace your Merrill genealogical connections from the first English immigrant. Click on the family tree as a quick reference.(Merrill.mobi)

.net vs .org and Premium Domains

4 June 2009 - So which one is the more valuable given a choice? It's not as easy a selection as you may think and there are other factors to consider. (DomainNameGrader.com)

Merrill Web Design Introduces JaneAusten.mobi website Accessible with a cell phone

23 May 2008 - Some of the world’s best literature may be read out loud while traveling down the road or explore the latest discussion on Jane Austen’s book, “Sense and Sensibility.” (pr.com)

Merrill Web Design Introduces KJV1611.mobi website providing access to the Bible with your cell phone

13 May 2008 - A top level domain (tld) with the extension of .mobi (dotMobi) was specifically designed to be compatible with most web-enabled mobile devices and now allows access to the most popular book in the world with KJV1611.mobi. (pr.com)

Merrill.org's Newest CSLewis.mobi Website Provides Access to Narnian Information via Your Cell Phone

30 Jan 2008 - A new website has been created by Merrill.org. It has been designed by its owner, an avid reader of C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien. (pr.com)

BestCities.mobi to showcase the Best Cities with your cell phone

7 Aug 2007 - There is a new website dedicated to showing the best cities of their kind. With the excitement of making this important information available from your web enabled cell phone, Merrill Mobile Web Design, Merrill.mobi, has created a new site to showcase cities that are rated the best in their respective categories. (24-7PressRelease.com)

TravelNurse.mobi website provides access to medical registries via cell phone

4 June 2007 - Designed by a medical researcher and professional webmaster, TravelNurse.mobi offers many conveniences to be found right in your hand. A list of the prominent travel nurse registries and agencies may be viewed with pertinent address and telephone numbers only a click away. (24-7PressRelease.com)

Aviator.mobi website offers quick access to flight information via cell phone

1 May 2007 - Designed by an avid aircraft enthusiast and professional webmaster, Aviator.mobi offers many conveniences to be found right in your hand. The latest up-to-the-minute flight status, seating schedule, airport delays, and security wait times are available to those with web-enabled cell phones or PDAs. (24-7PressRelease.com)

Alpacas.mobi website to offer free assistance via cell phone to alpaca owners

17 April 2007 - A new extension, .mobi (dotmobi), was specifically designed and recently introduced to promote this ultra convenience of using your cell phone to look up information on almost any topic you can imagine. One of these latest developments may be of interest to you – Alpacas.mobi. (NewswireToday.com)


Let us work for you
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Alpacas. Are you familiar with these soft, graceful animals?

Listed below are domain names we are currently developing or have available for lease for alpacas and the alpaca related industry:


A product of Merrill.org.
Contact me at Merrill.tel.


The largest group of constructive users of the Internet.

Listed below are some names we are currently developing for genealogy related sites:

  Ancestors.pro - NEW
  Merrill.pro - NEW

A product of Merrill.org.
Contact me at Merrill.tel.


Green is the word spoken today.

Finding a name even closely associated with Green is almost impossible these days. Listed below are some names we are currently developing for the 'green' related sites:


A product of Merrill.org.
Contact me at Merrill.tel.


Education begins at home.

Listed below are some names we are currently developing for homeschool related sites:

  Manners.pro - NEW

A product of Merrill.org.
Contact me at Merrill.tel.


This is our current listing of active work.

With the onset of the convenience of pulling up websites on smartphones, the dotMobi and dot-Tel top level domains came into their own. Listed below are some names we are currently developing for mobile related sites:


A product of Merrill.org.
Contact me at Merrill.tel.


Following are some references to more than 300 websites created beginning in 1992.

  Work Portfolio

Current Featured Web Sites:

November 2010
   Alpacas - Wasi.us
   Genealogy - Meryell.com
   Go Green - EnergySources.tel
   Homeschool - Insects.name
   Mobile - JaneAusten.mobi
   Current - LegalCitizen.us
   Portfolio - I-Books.mobi

Previously Featured Web Sites:

December 2009
   Alpacas - AlabamaAlpacas.com
   Genealogy - Merrill.pro
   Go Green - CarbonBioFuel.com
   Homeschool - JaneAusten.mobi
   Mobile - KidsEatFree.tel
   Current - Duck River Water Project
   Portfolio - Insects.name

November 2009
   Alpacas - Llamas.name
   Genealogy - Merrill.mobi
   Go Green - NursesLocator.com
   Homeschool - LegalCitizen.us
   Mobile - Merrill.tel
   Current - MedRecs.mobi
   Portfolio - CullmanMobileHomes.com

October 2009
   Alpacas - TennesseeAlpacas.com
   Genealogy - Ancestral.name
   Go Green - eBookz.biz
   Homeschool - Feribah.com
   Mobile - TravelNurse.mobi
   Current - AlabamaMidwives.com
   Portfolio - KJV1611.biz

September 2009
   Alpacas - Huacaya.name
   Genealogy - Primogenitor.com
   Go Green - eBookz.biz
   Homeschool - CharlotteMason.us
   Mobile - CSLewis.mobi
   Current - WinningGamePieces.com
   Portfolio - Cullman.org

August 2009
   Alpacas - Camelids.net
   Genealogy - Wherstead.com
   Go Green - AlpacaFiber.us
   Homeschool - eBooks.name
   Mobile - BusManners.com
   Current - BeachPortraitsbyDesign.com
   Portfolio - PDFPDQ.com

July 2009
   Alpacas - Alpaca.name
   Genealogy - Genealogical.biz
   Go Green - HerbsandOrganics.com
   Homeschool - MovieManners.com
   Mobile - BestCities.mobi
   Current - DomainNameGrader.com
   Portfolio - MagLevRails.com

June 2009
   Alpacas - Alpacas.mobi
   Genealogy - Generations.info
   Go Green - eBookz.us
   Homeschool - Suri.info
   Mobile - TravelNurse.mobi
   Current - DomainNameGrader.com
   Portfolio - MagLevHighways.com

May 2009
   Alpacas - TennesseeAlpacas.com
   Genealogy - Meryell.com
   Go Green - MaglevHighways.com
   Homeschool - WhereIsMayberry.com
   Mobile - KJV1611.mobi
   Current Work - HerbsandOrganics.com
   Portfolio - LifeWithNancy.com

April 2009
   Alpacas - AlabamaAlpacas.com
   Genealogy - Wherstead.com
   Go Green - EnergySources.tel
   Homeschool - SuzukiViolin.com
   Mobile - Merrill.mobi
   Current Work - WeirdTags.com
   Portfolio - BeachPortraitsByDesign.com


A product of Merrill.org.
Contact me at Merrill.tel.

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